Production Process


Step 1 - Mold engraving

According to the design of the mold to complete the steel mold.

Step 2 - Die Casting Injection

The machine allows the steel mold to be molded by high temperature die casting.

Step 3 - Plating

Products through plating to complete a variety of plating color.Electroplating process are used nickel-free plating.

Step 4 - Polishing

Polishing can make the surface of the product shiny surface, and finally in the last layer of protective paint to the product is not easy to oxidation and damage.

Step 5 - FQC

Product packaging will do quality control, if any defective products will be eliminated to provide the best quality products.

Step 6 - Packing

Products will use the carton packaging, the outermost layer will be used to prevent the collision of large cartons.

Step 7 - Shipment

Shipping will be pre-scheduled shipping date, to facilitate customers to master the production cycle, and after the shipment to keep in touch with the customer until the receipt of goods.